More Than Packages: Delivering a Safer, Greener Alternative

  • Dutch-X courier delivering groceries with Tern HSD e-bike and Carla Cargo trailer
  • Dutch-X courier delivering groceries with Tern HSD e-bike and Carla Cargo trailer
  • Dutch-X courier delivering groceries with Tern HSD e-bike and Carla Cargo trailer
  • Dutch-X courier with Tern HSD e-bike and Carla Cargo trailer

Fulfilling more than 3 million deliveries per year, New York-based Dutch-X is successfully providing companies with a safer, greener, and more convenient delivery service.

Convenience and Sustainability

Founded as Dutch Express in 2012, the company's original focus was on fast deliveries. But today's mindset, says co-founder Marcus Hoed, is all about the convenience of appointments and having things delivered exactly when customers need them.

With the market (and their clients!) pushing for greener deliveries, in 2019 Dutch-X added e-bikes to their fleet. The team of 600+ now includes E-Bikers, Walkers, and Drivers who deliver goods all over New York, with highly organized shifts that allow the company to operate pretty much all day, every day.

Safety Matters

Unlike most delivery service providers, Dutch-X follows a full W2 model—meaning all team members are employees, not independent contractors—with clear safety standards for riders and operations. For example, all team members are required to learn proper OSHA standards for lifting and carrying cargo, to help prevent injuries.

In early 2021, Dutch-X took one step further towards safer operations and upgraded their e-bike fleet with Tern HSDs, which are equipped with Bosch motors and batteries.

"We worked with the New York City Fire Department and they advised us to choose systems that have undergone UL testing and certification," said Hoed. UL tests to make sure a battery and system are safe from potential hazards like fire, explosion, and electric shocks.

"A lot of bad batteries are coming into the U.S., and we've now shifted to using UL-certified batteries exclusively," stated Hoed. "Manufacturers keep pushing component prices down, and that often means sacrificing quality and safety."

Only a few e-bike systems brands, such as Bosch, have ensured that all their batteries, motor systems, and chargers are UL-certified.

Reasons to Choose the HSD

Cargo-Capable and Modular

With a Max Gross Vehicle Weight of 170 kg (374 lb), the HSD is already a very capable cargo e-bike on its own, but it gets even better when paired with a fleet of Carla Cargo trailers, which carry up to 150 kg (330 lb). This modular solution carries plenty of bulky cargo such as extra-large grocery containers—but is still easy to maneuver in inner-city traffic.

One Size Fits Most

Another advantage of the HSD is its adjustability to fit riders of different heights. The bike adjusts in seconds and without tools to fit riders from 150 to 195 cm (4’11” to 6’5”), eliminating the need to invest in a larger fleet of bikes of different frame sizes to fit all employees. And riders that are comfortable on their bikes will be happier and more productive.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Even though the HSD is, initially, a bit more expensive than other available e-bikes, the fact that it's built with such durable parts means companies are earning it back every month with fewer service issues and less downtime.

Easier Storage

Space costs a premium in NY. And when you have a fleet of several hundred vehicles and you need to store them safely indoors in the evening, it's a definite issue. The HSD is shorter than a regular bike to begin with, but then you can FlatFold it to one third of its volume in seconds, or Vertically Park it to drastically reduce its footprint.

Need More Reasons?

There are several reasons why e-bikes are the ultimate delivery vehicle, but perhaps the most compelling reason to ditch the van for an e-bike is that this simple decision can help delivery businesses cut vehicle costs by 60%, and cut fuel costs to nearly nothing.

If you're ready to make the switch, learn how to identify safe and reliable e-bikes for your fleet. Thinking about using the HSD in your business? Contact us.