Medical Outreach: Getting Out Into The Community

Supporting Marginalized Segments of the Population

SAMPAS (Service d’Accompagnement Mobile Pour l’Accès Aux Soins) is a local non-profit organization in Brussels, Belgium that works in collaboration with a multitude of partners to better prevent, inform and manage the difficulties associated with hepatitis C. 

The team consists of mobile medical and social workers that travel throughout the Brussels region to provide treatment for those infected by the hepatitis C virus, mostly current or former drug users and other vulnerable segments of the population (undocumented immigrants, homeless, etc.).

Medical Outreach For Those Who Might Not Visit a Hospital

Even though they are the most affected, drug users still often face discrimination when it comes to gaining access to treatment for hepatitis C. The goal at SAMPAS is to get out into the community to engage with users at their usual places of care, such as rehabilitation centers and local health clinics. There, they provide liver screenings and monitoring services using a mobile Fibroscanner. 

The medical team use bikes to get around the city, avoiding the dense traffic and quickly getting to their numerous destinations. But deploying the equipment required additional staff to shepherd it over using public transportation.

So to make their job easier, the organization secured a Tern GSD. With the GSD,  all the diagnostic equipment can be loaded onto one bike. And with its compact, easy-to-ride design, the Bosch-powered ebike can be navigated throughout crowded Brussels quickly and safely by anyone on the team. 

In the first three months after receiving their GSD, the SAMPAS team served 120 patients, and conducted close to 150 exams. The team was also able to expand its reach from visiting health centers to being able to directly visit patients in their homes. And overall, the team is much more efficient, since only one person is needed to carry all the equipment and conduct the screenings. 

SAMPAS is also considering obtaining a portable tent (like Qube Tent) and deploying it with the GSD in order to provide a confidential mobile space for screening sessions anywhere in the city.

"We love the convenience and the environmentally friendly aspect of cycling, and the GSD allows us to carry everything we need for our medical screening sessions in Brussels." — Mélanie, SAMPAS Nurse

When it comes to getting cargo from one place to another, the compact GSD rides with a low-center of gravity, making it easier to remain stable as the weight increases. So whether you haul cargo for a living or if you are a nurse transporting equipment from one location to another, the GSD provides for a smooth, stable ride.

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