Fleet Management: How the GSD + Carla Cargo Keeps Bleeper Moving

Bleeper is Ireland's first stationless bike-sharing scheme. Operating in Dublin and Sligo Town, the company helps its customers get around town swiftly while cutting their carbon footprints.

For Bleeper riders in Dublin, cycling is a much-needed alternative to slow-moving city traffic. Because central Dublin's roads were laid out before cars became commonplace, the streets are narrow and congested. In fact, a 2018 report ranked Dublin's city center the slowest in Europe, with traffic speeds dipping as low as 9.6 kph.

Bleeper's dockless model is a convenient way for Dublin residents and visitors to bypass car traffic. Because Bleeper bikes can be parked and picked up at any public cycle parking location, the bikes end up spread far and wide throughout the city. While this offers the company's customers amazing mobility, it also creates logistical challenges.

In Search of a Faster, Cleaner Service Vehicle

Bleeper's roadside mechanics needed an efficient way to collect, service, and redistribute broken bicycles. The traditional approach to this task is to use a van.

However, given Dublin's congested roads, this would force the mechanics to waste valuable time idling—while their vans spewed carbon into the air. And because some of the cycle parking locations are inside parks or other areas inaccessible to cars, the mechanics would need to find parking and then walk to collect the bikes.

The team at Bleeper wanted to find a faster, more environmentally friendly solution. That's when they started to consider using an e-bike with a trailer as a service vehicle.

Power Couple: The GSD + Carla Cargo Solution

In 2017, the Bleeper team began testing different e-bike and trailer combinations. Today, they've got a clear favorite: the Tern GSD + Carla Cargo system.

The Carla Cargo is a heavy-duty three-wheeled bike trailer than can handle a payload of up to 150 kg when towed by a bike. With its sturdy, high-quality build and integrated braking system for extra safety, the Carla Cargo is a natural choice for businesses that need to haul heavy cargo.

Although the Carla Cargo can be used with many types of bicycles, it pairs exceptionally well with mid-drive e-bikes. And according to Bleeper Partnerships & Operations Manager John Buckley, the GSD's "build quality, strength, user ergonomics, and reliability" make it a standout partner.

Faster Service with Zero Emissions

The GSD + Carla Cargo system has helped Bleeper cut down on time spent getting to and from bikes in need of repair.

"It's much faster than using our vans," says CEO and Founder Hugh Cooney. "The e-bike and trailer combination is also much better for the environment than a van, so it's a true win-win for us."

The GSD also has a few other features that make it a staff favorite, like cargo space of its own that can be used to haul toolboxes. Buckley says the one complaint he's heard about the GSD is that the company doesn't have enough of them. So, the leadership team plans to order more to round out their fleet.

Could the GSD + Carla Cargo system be the zero-emissions cargo solution your business needs? Get in touch.