E-Bikes for Hospitality

A fleet of well-equipped e-bikes at your hotel or resort can enhance the guest experience and add tons of value.

1. Create Memorable Experiences

Offer more than a bike ride. Our bikes are easy to handle regardless of rider skill, extremely comfortable to ride, and ready to fit the whole family. They'll help create truly memorable experiences for your customers.

2. Earn More with Add-Ons

Create special e-bike experiences and earn more with add-ons. Child seats, pre-packed picnic lunches, coolers stocked with drinks, sporting equipment for rent, and guided tours can all bring in extra revenue while making your guests' stays unforgettable.

3. Spend Less on the Right Fit

Catering to hotel guests means the bikes need to fit riders of different ages and all sizes. Rather than investing in a big fleet of different frame sizes, how about a one-size-fits-most solution? Our bikes adjust in seconds to fit riders from 150-195 cm.

4. Simplify Fleet Management

Limited parking spaces? No problem. Bring the bikes indoors, park them vertically, and worry less about leaving vehicles outside. A hotel guest got lost? The GSD and the HSD can be flat-folded and transported in a minivan, leaving plenty of space for your guest. 

5. Promote Your Brand Locally

Everywhere your guests ride, they'll encounter other travelers—your potential future customers. Make sure you get the credit for making the adventures possible! With customization and branding options, our bikes let your brand shine through.


Designed for Families

GSD Gen 2
  • Carries two kids or an adult
  • Plenty of accessory options
  • Flat-folds for easy storage & transport
  • Dual-battery options
  • Tons of capacity but easy to handle
  • Great for family outings

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Premium Rental Experience

Premium Riding
  • Carries one kid or small adult
  • Flexible passenger optionss
  • Flat-folds for transport
  • Extra-comfy design
  • Easy to ride
  • Style for miles

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Quick Haul

Simple yet Capable E-Bike

Quick Haul
  • Designed for simplicity and value
  • Carries one kid or small adult
  • Pet can ride behind 
  • Flexible passenger options
  • Easy and fun to ride
  • Easy to service
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Short Haul

For Non E-Bike Rentals

Short Haul
  • Designed for best value
  • Carries one passenger
  • Pet can ride behind 
  • Flexible passenger options
  • Easy and fun to ride
  • Easy to service
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