E-Bikes for Deliveries

The right e-bike can make deliveries faster, cheaper, and easier.

5 Reasons to Switch to E-Bikes for Deliveries

1. Make Faster Deliveries

Traffic jams can disrupt your business, causing delays and unhappy customers. But e-bikes can cycle around gridlock and ride right up to the destination—even in narrow alleyways. Plus, riders spend little or no time hunting for parking.

2. Reduce Expenses

How does "Save around $3000 a year" sound to you? Compared to cars, e-bikes are cheaper to maintain and operate. In fact, your one-year savings from a single e-bike may be enough to pay for the bike itself. Plus, switching to e-bikes insulates your business from fluctuating energy prices.

3. Avoid Additional Fees

Unlike cars, e-bikes don't require a driver's license or special registration fees. And because e-bikes can be parked virtually anywhere, you also save on parking—and the inevitable parking violations you'd rack up with a van.

4. Simplify Fleet Management

A single car parking space is big enough to hold a small fleet of e-bikes. And you may be able to give up the parking space entirely. Just bring the bikes indoors, park them vertically, and worry less about leaving vehicles outside. Plus, the bikes fold down to a more compact size, so you can transport several at a time in a van or truck.

5. Promote Your Brand Locally

Local residents will appreciate that you're not polluting their air and clogging their streets. And with their distinctive looks and optional branding for accessories, the bikes are sure to make a great impression.


For the Heaviest Loads

GSD with Cargo Boxes
  • 200 kg Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Burly rear rack can handle almost anything
  • Lower decks can be extended for oversized loads
  • Transform your GSD into the ultimate urban delivery van with Tern cargo boxes
  • Pair with Carla Cargo trailer for even more capacity

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Nimble & Stylish Hauler

Compact Cargo Bike
  • 170 kg Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Extra-sturdy rear rack (60 kg capacity)
  • Lots of cargo accessories to choose from
  • Easy to handle—built to tackle city streets

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Quick Haul

Ideal for Light Deliveries

Quick Haul
  • Designed for simplicity and value
  • 150 kg Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Extra-long rear rack (50 kg capacity)
  • Modular and configurable, with plenty of accessory options
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Short Haul

Affordable for Any Business

Short Haul
  • 140 kg Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Extra-sturdy rear rack (50 kg capacity)
  • Lots of cargo accessories to choose from
  • Hassle-free service
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