Go Local for Long Haul Success

Photo: Elsbeth, owner of Four Star Family Cyclery (Photo credits: Stephanie Bassos)

E-bikes are mission-critical equipment for your business, so having access to local support and professional services is critical as well. Tern is represented worldwide by our global network of distributors and dealers, and we encourage you to work with them from the get-go, from planning which bikes and accessories to choose, to setting up the best long-term after-sales maintenance and support plans.

Local Service Maximizes Uptime

Bicycles, especially e-bikes, are complex machines with many working parts—similar in many ways to automobiles. And just like autos, they need regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Having a local point of contact for service and support is a great way to secure timely maintenance checks to keep your fleet in tip-top shape. And you can count on quick turnaround times, since local partners are experts on Tern bikes and are sure to keep spare parts in stock.

Professional Consulting Close By

You don't need to be a bicycle expert to deploy bikes commercially, but it would be good to have one handy. Working with local Tern dealers means your business can receive professional consulting, training, maintenance tips and service without having to hire dedicated support staff until needed.

Maintain a Flexible Fleet

As your business grows or market requirements change, you may want to add or change the accessories outfitted to your bike. Having a local Tern partner to consult with, and who can help you replace or add accessories stocked locally, can help you quickly adjust your fleet on-the-fly.

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